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Sister venture to the stock market training and mentorship firm Venteskraft, Venteskraft media came up with a concept that has never been seen before but is crucial to the business world right now. Today, there are businesses popping up in every other corner, big and small, trying to grow, without really understanding what goes into creating and running a successful business.

Back in 2018, as a fix to this problem, Venteskraft media, headed by Co-founders, Mahin BS and Rahul Rajeev, had designed a service of sorts, for entrepreneurs to get much-needed guidance in setting up business development firms, which is in short, business development consultancies that will have with companies to understand their industry, work against competitors and thrive in a market successfully.

According to the duo, the reason why most businesses fail, is the lack of understanding of the process of building a business, a mindset that setting up a start-up is easy. Business development or the lack thereof is why businesses cannot build a good rapport, but what Venteskraft has done is fix this problem. Business development has always been the two founders’ forte, as they have been training and mentoring entrepreneurs in the art of business development, themselves acting as a consultancy for various individuals to help set up their own business development company.

Having helped set up more than hundred business development agencies all across the country and the world they have helped create that companies are equipped to truly analyse a business’s potential and help it grow and flourish to its fullest extent, Venteskraft Media has moulded experts in various fields within the business development realm, from digital media to business analytics to specific areas like online advertising or Public relations. Capsley business developers, Gray fox media, Creser Media, Bizzential, Advent creatives, kite Developers are just a few among hundreds that Venteskraft has helped to start up.

This industry is especially rewarding as businesses now are readily looking for experts in this field to enhance their outcomes, shelling quite a bit of money in this process, as it has the potential to completely change the outlook of their business. Through their mentorship in Venteskraft Media, these business development companies have seen an average revenue of at least 2–3 Lakhs in a month, which is mostly dependent upon the kind of projects they pick up.

The scope of these projects is massive from as small as creating analytical reports for a business to as huge as revamping a business’s brand outlook, which is not something that comes with a small budget. What Venteskraft Media’s business development consultation has done is try and bring in a positive change to all businesses all over the world, by the emphasis the need and importance of business development, by creating experts in this field, that any kind of business regardless of its size can continue to find success.

Originally published at https://www.digpu.com on April 9, 2020.

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