A nation is at peril when the PM stays silent on hate crimes

Will the letter from IIM students and faculty members urging PM Modi to end silence over attacks on minorities yield result?

A nation that till recently took pride in its secular ideals has found the foundation of that very pride shaking. The developments that had sent the secular-minded Indian into a state of panic have been on the increase, and no concrete intervention has come from those that are supposed to uphold religious harmony.

Not doing anything to preserve peaceful co-existence of various communities that form a nation called India is one major flaw. Added to that, when a government, which is expected to intervene to stop such things from happening, does exactly the opposite and remains a mute witness to the crimes that are committed, it becomes a matter of grave concern.

With the attack on minorities reported from certain quarters, it was expected that the government, which is actually a team of democratically-elected persons who swore by the Constitution that holds aloft the ideals of secularism, would come out with at least a statement or action that would put a halt on such crimes. The Prime Minister of India should have intervened immediately, at least with a statement.

Such irresponsible attitude from none other than the Prime Minister has evoked strong reaction, obviously. A good number of faculty members and students from the Indian Institutes of Management in Bengaluru and Ahmedabad went ahead and shot off a letter to Prime Minster Narendra Modi seeking to see action against the recent attacks on minority communities.

PM intervention sought to save country from divisive forces

The Ahmedabad and Bengaluru IIM students and teachers had a noble intention. They actually did what the whole bunch of secular beings inhabiting this large nation should have done. What they sought from the Prime Minister was his intervention to guide the country from forces that seek to divide India.

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Digpu.com is looking at reinventing the idea of news at large. ‘Free Voice With A Critical Edge’ is what describes Digpu News best.

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