Amazon Prime Video lets users subscribe to a variety of streaming services from one hub

Amazon Prime Video Channels users will now be able to subscribe to many channels from a single hub; Netflix, Disney to face tough competition

India’s streaming arena is flush with a variety of services and customers have been queueing up to subscribe to almost all of them. The latest on that front that is sure to get headline space is a move by Amazon which is aimed at winning customers in the country by the thousands.

Amazon has rolled out a new platform christened Prime Video Channels in India, and it enables customers to subscribe to eight streaming services, all at one go. The streaming services that customers can subscribe to from the single hub of Prime Video includes popular ones such as Discovery + and Mubi.

Customers will now be able to log in and pay for additional streaming services from the Amazon Prime Video website or app, said a TechCrunch report. Further, Amazon Prime Video is also allowing customers to subscribe to eight streaming services at discounted prices for the initial year. As per the tariff sheet, users can avail of the Discovery+ for an equivalent of $4 per year, while Mubi is made available for $27, Hoichoi for $8.2, DocuBay for $6.8, ErosNow for $4, Lionsgate Play for $9.5, ManoramaMax for $9.5, and ShortsTV for $4, it added.

Amazon Prime Video strategy to help third party streaming services

Amazon Prime Video’s new business strategy may be seen as a wise move for its business in India and will also offer much potential for third-party streaming services to blossom.

Many of the streaming services are still in the nascent stage in India and are struggling to find a market of their own. It is in this context that the Prime Video strategy would go a long way to be beneficial to these third-party services as they strive to gain a foothold in the streaming arena.

It has been pointed out that active users are less for streaming services like Discovery+ Mubi, DocuBay, ErosNow and various others. The advent of the Amazon Prime Video Channels platform is expected to change this, as entertainment enthusiasts look forward to an added number of entertainment choices.

Amazon Prime Video Channels could build a video entertainment marketplace

Prime Video Channels aim at just that and are looking at laying the foundation for a video entertainment marketplace, which would be a first of its kind in India.

This will also help Amazon’s already existing Prime Video add more to its active monthly users in India, which numbers around 55 million as of now. Amazon would need such a fillip in India as it fights in the marketplace against the likes of Netflix, Disney’s Hotstar and MX Player.



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