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Trading in India has almost become a trend and everyone aspires to be the next Buffett. Amidst this dream and distance, Trendy Traders has been the overseer, providing stock market investment training and business mentorship throughout India.

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India has seen a growth in the number of traders in the past few years and despite this growth, the percentage of people who trade is far less. This is a result of improper guidance and a misguided notion that trading is equivalent to gambling. Most people enter stock market without any proper training and end up succumbing to its commanding and mysterious nature. Hence firms like Trendy Traders come to light.

Trendy Traders is a stock market investment training firm founded by Niraj Mittal a passionate trader and digital marketer. Since its foundation in December 2018, Trendy has made it far. With over 500 satisfied clients from all across India, Trendy has changed lives by providing them a secondary source of income.

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They’ve witnessed clients from all walks of life, be it a student, housewife or a businessman and transformed them all into a successful trader or investor. This has been a result of constant emphasis on developing the right discipline and consistency.

They have a panel of expert trainers who specialize in teaching trade concepts and strategies in the most precise way possible.

Niraj Mittal founded Trendy Traders on December 2018. At the young age of 21, Niraj is an entrepreneur, investor and digital marketer. While training people about stock market Niraj realized the need for proper mentorship. And as a result he also started mentoring early stage start-ups with business strategies to help facilitate their growth and strengthen their foothold. Niraj loves to propagate the idea of investing into the stock market and how it can lead to a financial and strategically growth of a person. As the matter of fact, he conducts various seminars and webinars about the same.

Trendy Traders has always carried the vision of ‘Discipline and consistency is the key’. They acknowledge the need of proper training for investing in stock market and hence facilitate towards fulfilling the same. They aim to break all stigmas attached to trading and train people from all walks of life to conquer the new trend of stock market trading.

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