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NCR Delhi, India, December 12, 2019 -

Before knowing the differences of other dedicated server hosting providers with eWebGuru, it is very important to take a closer look at every type of web hosting feature which will help to maintain your business into another growth. Physical services that provide all the resources, including RAM, storage, and bandwidth for a single enterprise are done by dedicated server India. For businesses dedicated server hosting is the best server suited for several applications that require a lot of traffic and discrete resources. Buyers can buy the cheapest and most reliable dedicated server hosting through any unwanted host. For business solution, dedicated server hosting can be advantageous for the following reasons:

  • Complete access to a server
  • Highly Reliability
  • High Degree of Flexibility
  • Choice of Operating System
  • Instant Reboots
  • High security
  • 100% in-house support
  • Dedicated IP address Pool
  • Fully backup
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The dedicated server hosting is quite different from normal shared hosting and as it comes with several benefits like hosting efficiently to a large number of websites with overall performance to get satisfactory. eWebGuru host server offers the best dedicated server India plans in the market and it has thousands of loyal clients that offer competitive price tags and are completely reliable. No doubt that it is a 99.9% uptime hosting server and helpful for 24/7 customer support. Below are some features discussed offered by eWebGuru provides dedicated server hosting:

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Standard features: The dedicated server hosting space requirements depend on the customer and provide spans between 25GB and 500GB. If you are planning for a large hosting space means eWebGuru takes care of sufficient data transfer who means multiple websites and overall traffic can be handled easily. In a particular plan, eWebGuru supports unlimited domain names and server space for each website. To create a large hosting package under the plan you have to create an account for every domain to host. Another option is handling different domain administrators for different domains which are better to handle efficiently. While dedicated server India plan access from an email like FTP account and My SQL databases means it is important to use popular platforms to host websites.

The Mission of eWebGuru Dedicated Server hosting

To improve the quality of its service, eWebGuru strives to constantly develop its competitive power, and preserve its loyal clients and retained them to strengthen its position in the market. In today’s market, Dedicated server India rates are most competitive and some people become skeptical when they saw server rates. To understand some needs to get profit in order to run our company and to give cent percent customer quality service. The desired designed dedicated server India packages and rates are thoroughly checked while taking into consideration of all factors. To deliver enterprise-level solutions at an affordable price eWebGuru is the best choice which is established ourselves as a leader in the web hosting industry situated at Noida (The IT hub of India), which is a debt-free IT company has phenomenal growth since its inception.

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