Facebook is developing its own electoral commission: Report

Facebook is developing its own electoral commission: Report

The election commission could be comparable to the Oversight Board in terms of its constituents/members

The commission is anticipated to be revealed this fall, before of the 2022 US midterm elections, according to The New York Times.

Facebook has spoken with academics and policy professionals about it.

Facebook to address content moderation during elections

This could help to dispel the notion that Facebook’s content decisions are politically motivated, which has been a frequent criticism levelled at the business by conservatives. However, it’s unclear if this election panel would have the same level of autonomy as the Oversight Board.

Facebook has not so far made any public announcement about the development.

Company under fire for alleged decisions based on politics

However, the Oversight Board has had its fair share of criticism, with conservatives expressing displeasure with the Board’s decision to allow former President Donald Trump’s order to remain in place.

However, an election commission could assist Facebook in demonstrating that it is making decisions on election content based on policy rather than politics.

The social network has a bad track record during elections

Facebook was also slammed by lawmakers and political ad purchasers for modifying the rules governing political ads ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

Last year, the business announced that it would block the purchase of new political commercials in the week leading up to the election, then chose to temporarily ban all U.S. political advertising after the polls closed on Election Day, provoking outrage among politicians and ad-buying firms.

Around election time, the company has battled with how to address misinformation and hate speech.

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