Flying car to take off from Hyundai stables by 2030

Korean car maker Hyundai want its flying car concept to take flight in a few years’ time

Automotive technology is all set to take flight. We have been hearing about such concepts and innovations that had been in the works for quite long, but none of these had materialised.

Now we have hope flying out of the Hyundai stables, and going by what we get to garner, we might be able to watch and even travel in a flying car made by the automotive major.

The Korean car company will have its wheels off the ground when it would bring to the fore its first ever commercial car that would fly. This would happen in a few years’ time — the company says it would make it happen in 2028.

Hyundai showed off flying car concept in 2020

As we all know Hyundai had been serious about its flying venture all the while. Looking back at its earlier announcement of the reveal of a concept, we should give the company credit for showing us the first concept flying vehicle, which it had christened as S-A1, during the first half of 2020.

The company reportedly believes the flying car would be part of the future. Though it has a few more years to go before it could get the car to fly, the company wants to tell the world that urban air mobility will come up as a solution to congestion in cities. Further, a flying car could cut down on emissions too.

The concept S-A1 offers top speed of 300kmph, while getting to a cruising altitude of 600 meters. The car will have both modes, which means it can be driven along the streets when you do not want it to fly.

Will urban spaces be okay with flying cars?

All that remains to be seen is whether urban administrations would be okay with the concept of a flying car. Many think that congestion currently on the ground could get transferred to the space above and that could bring in issues.

Whatever be the argument, the Korean car behemoth is going ahead with its flight plan. Let’s wait to see if the idea would actually take flight.



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Digpu News Network is looking at reinventing the idea of news at large. ‘Free Voice With A Critical Edge’ is what describes Digpu News best.

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