Going ballistic: Why does Kim Jong-un continue to play bad boy?

Kim Jong-un’s weapons obsession has been posing a threat to the world

Pyongyang is at it, yet again. Even as a UN ban on testing nuclear and ballistics weapons remains, North Korea has gone a step further in violation of the restriction, and done just that.

Opening the New Year with the test of a suspected ballistic missile, North Korea has sent the global community looking for reasons as to why it shouldn’t condemn such mischief.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s 2022 shocker came in the form of the suspected ballistic missile that crashed into the sea off the nation’s east coast. Landing in the waters between the Korean peninsula and Japan, the action evoked strong condemnations from Seoul and Tokyo. Ballistic missiles are believed to be a greater threat that cruise missiles as they have the capability to carry more powerful payloads. They also have a longer range and can fly faster.

Kim Jong-un throws UN ban to the wind

Though the UN has slapped a ban on testing of ballistic and nuclear ammunition, Kim Jong-un has thrown the restrictions out of the window by doing just that. The North Korean leader wants to add to the arms pile it already has and that has become a matter of concern to the neighbours and the whole world at large.

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