Happy Birthday Google — An Ode From Digpu

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What is that one word that comes in the mind of billions of people when asked to search something, check the news, find a route and check any information — Google. Google has become a household name, a guide to everyone.

It is an encyclopedia readily available on the smartphones or desktops. Google began as a research project in 1996 and since then there is no looking back. 21 years ago, two Stanford PhD students, Sergey Brin and Lawrence (Larry) Page, published a paper about launching a prototype of a “large-scale search engine.”

Google indexes billions of web pages to allow users to search for the information they desire. Today, Google operates all over the world in over 100 languages, answering trillions of search queries each year. Not just information, it has multi-faceted impacts on our lives.

It has answers to our questions, various innovations, projects, services like web-based services, software services etc. Google is successfully reaching the masses and has definitely become the most loved platform. With Google, one can find any needle in any haystack at any-time, it has changed the virtual world completely.

Our team at Digpu wants to thank Google today. This is what they have to say -

Divya Rana, Our Corporate Publication Manager, says “Google has made life so much easier, it is one-stop-shop for everything. With its reach, user-friendliness and accessibility, it has brought the world closer. You can find any and every information on Google. I use google for literally everything. To list out a few, I use google to read about the current affairs & news across the globe; to expand my vocabulary — learn new words and their meanings, to listen to music, read about people I admire. Lastly being a foodie to find places to eat and learn new recipes.”

Kunwar Devender Singh, Our Asia Pacific Head, says “ Google is not only a search engine but the world’s biggest teacher. Talk about anything — art, culture, science, technology, innovation, business, entrepreneurship, Google knows it all. Google is proof that there is always so much more to know and learn. There is no end to this.”

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Timeline Of Google Birthday Doodles

Akshaya Bhogle, Our Operations Manager, says “Google is my second parent who was there for me whenever I needed. It never ever got uncomfortable with any of my questions and never get irritated. No matter how many questions I have asked, I get all the answers in detail.”

Cheshta Bakshi, Our Content Editor, says “I am indebted to Google. From starting writing to learning new things, from asking questions to interacting on online platforms and forums, Google has been my go-to person. To me, there is no better medium to learn and educate as Google.”

Andrica D’mello, Our Associate Operations Manager, says, “I pretty much use Google for everything I do, I love the way it has made my life easier and way more organised. It simply delivers what one may need without unnecessary content. Moreover, it’s a quick, fast and professional process that’s not time-consuming, wouldn’t want it no other way!”

Mohit Kumar, Our Admin Head, “In the learning phase of my life, Google has helped me connect with the faculties of different institutes across the country. Due to which I was able to get lots of questions on quantitative aptitude and so many approaches to tackle it without using pen and paper.”

Arti Dewan, Our Operations Manager, says, “Hey Google! What to say About You, Google has become like a family to us. Without it, we can’t imagine, our life would become so easy. Today Google has become one of my tech friends, it is always there to assist me, whether it is to search my favourite poets, any location for travelling, or knowing something that I want to learn. It helps a lot.”

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