Has the repeal of J-K’s special status been beneficial for Jammu region?

The Central government has done little substantive in terms of job creation or employment for Jammu’s younger population, except from making verbal promises

While Kashmiris mostly rejected the crucial decision made on August 5, 2019, there was a wave of delight in Jammu as residents in the region perceived it as a step to remove Kashmiri leadership’s political supremacy.

The new set of land laws, on the other hand, dealt a blow to the people of Jammu’s contentment. The people of Jammu are now doubtful about whether the changes relating to Article 370 have benefitted them or not since they lack a statute to protect their interests on property and job security.

People skeptical about usefulness of domicile certificates

People are skeptical about the usefulness of the “domicile certificates”, which replaced the previous Maharaja-issued Permanent Resident Certificates (PRCs). Non-residents can now acquire non-agricultural land, due to the new land regulations enacted by the Central government.

Apart from offering verbal guarantees, the Central government has done nothing meaningful in terms of job creation or employment for the younger population of Jammu.

Many firms shut with fears of reverse migration

Jammu residents are concerned that the city would eventually become a dumping site, putting local residents under strain. If no precautions are implemented, reverse migration will occur, with individuals from outside the UT dominating the territory.

Many firms in the region have already shut down because these couldn’t compete with goods imported from other areas of the country, which have gotten cheaper since the import toll tax was withdrawn.

The government’s approach to addressing domicile legislation and additional problems has exacerbated local issues. It appears to be of little consequence now that the new land restrictions have been implemented, which only made the domicile certificates almost worthless.



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