Made in India Dhanush artillery guns sent to Balasore for final target testing

Dhanush artillery guns will boost the artillery of Indian army significantly

Dhanush field guns are being tested for target firing and the guns have been sent from Gun Carraige Factory, Jabalpur, to Balasore testing range in Orissa. Target firing is an essential process which is carried out before the Guns are handed over to the final user.

Once the target firing tests are successfully completed, the first lot of six Dhanush field guns will be handed over to the Army. Dhanush guns are completely Made In India and has a longer range and much better firing accuracy than the present Bofors Field Guns used by the Army.

According to sources the Dhanush artillery Guns have been dispatched to Balasore and the target testing will be carried out by experts from GCF in the presence of Army officials. The results will be then analyzed by experts from the Army before they are inducted into the Army.

The Dhanush artillery guns are touted to have a range of 38 to 40 kilometers and have an integrated electronic firing system which has been perfected locally. The manufacture of the Dhanush Guns had been affected by the Corona virus epidemic but according to officials work has commence at a brisk phase at the Integrated Dhanush Gun Unit at Gun carriage Factory Jabalpur.

The work is being executed under a team of highly skilled workers. GCF was also involved with the manufacture of Sarang Field Guns but now the work has been shifted to Vehicle Factory Jabalpur.

The management of GCF is now fully focused on fast tracking the manufacture of Dhanush Artillery Guns. Earlier 5 guns have been handed over to the Army after extensive testing. Most of the guns are first tested at the LPR test range in the city before they are sent to Balasore in Orissa for further testing and firing.