MBA Student Gang-Raped Near Mysuru, Boyfriend Attacked, No Arrests Yet

Four men allegedly gang-raped the MBA student, and her friend was attacked

Bangalore: At around 7.30 PM on Tuesday, a young MBA student and her boyfriend visited Chamundi Hills in the outskirts of Mysore. Little did they anticipate that they would land up in a hospital in the evening with severe injuries.

Four men allegedly gang-raped the lady, and her friend was attacked. The girls’ boyfriend, the police said, watched in horror as she was gang-raped, helpless to come to her defense. They were taken to the hospital around 1.30 AM. It is 48 hours since the incident happened and no one has been arrested so far!

MBA student gang-raped in Mysore

The girl, riding pillion with her mate, was on her way back from Chamundi Hills. The sexual attack of the lady in her early 20s has left Mysuru city in shock and has prompted Karnataka CM Basavaraj Bommai to direct the police to take stringent action against the culprits.

The gang that ambushed the girl and her companion initially asked for money, but when they found nothing, they assaulted her friend, dragged her to a lonely area, and committed the crime.

The boy was beaten with stones by the inebriated men, the police added. Responding to the disturbance, Karnataka CM Basavaraj Bommai told reporters in Delhi that he has directed DGP Praveen Sood to catch the culprits.

The News Minute quoted Bommai saying, “Based on the statement, a case has been registered. I have directed the DGP that whoever has perpetrated it, they should be identified, and stringent action should be taken against them,” Bommai said.



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