Missing Botswana woman finally traced to a military facility in Jabalpur

The woman, part of a Military Personal Exchange Program, has tested negative in RTPCR test

The woman, who was travelling from Botswana to India and went missing, has been finally traced in Jabalpur. The 35-year-old Botswana citizen named Ms Khumo Orimatacy Lin is actually a military officer who has come to College Of Material Management (CMM) under a military exchange program.

A search was started after an alert was issued from Delhi. The health officials were in a spot when they could not trace the person who had travelled to Jabalpur via South Africa and New Delhi. The case became more complicated after the telephone number given by the woman turned out to be of an employee at the Botswana Embassy.

Botswana woman’s tracing was required due to threat of Omicron variant of Coronavirus

The tracing of the woman became more important because she came from Botswana where the latest variant of the Coronavirus — the Omicron — which is said to be many times more virulent than the Delta variant.

The woman was finally traced at the CMM which is a branch of the military administration. The woman was traced to a military hostel in Pachpeddy in Jabalpur.

The woman, who is said to be a Major in the Botswana Army, was in Jabalpur in an exchange program which is said to be of nine months. The woman had arrived 12 days before and was placed under a compulsory quarantine program of 10 days.

Lady Army officer’s RTPCR tests negative

She has been tested and her samples have been sent to the ICMR which confirmed that she is Covid negative. This information was given by the COVID sampling head Dr. Priyank Dubey and Dr. Vibhor Hazari. The woman is also reported to have been vaccinated in Botswana with the Jansen Vaccine.

The authorities at Jabalpur Dumna Airport have started intensive testing and scrutiny of all international travellers landing in Jabalpur.




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Digpu.com is looking at reinventing the idea of news at large. ‘Free Voice With A Critical Edge’ is what describes Digpu News best.

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