Munish Maya shares 3 success tips to master the Life

Munish Maya, a successful entrepreneur and life coach with over 1 Million global community, shares his wisdom to change your life & live up to your potential.

For Self Made Millionaire Munish Maya, the meaning of a successful life is quite different. He sees it as a craft and a powerful way to transform the lives of people. From over a decade, he has mastered himself through his journey as an Influencer, Entrepreneur and an award-winning life coach and it doesn’t stop there. His business and life work inspire millions of people and millennials are moved by his compelling storytelling and breakthrough creative content.

Mr Maya, who worked, mentored and collaborated with Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of startups, says “Success happens over time, not overnight”. He has been nominated as World’s Most Influential Thought leader and named one of the Top 10 Best Influencer Icon lists. Having raised over $10Million in his entrepreneurial ventures, philanthropic and charitable causes, Mr Maya is still humble in his gestures and says that he is still work in progress.

With his massive 1 Million+ global following on social media, he has undoubtedly disrupted the personal development and leadership landscape. In an exclusive interview with Digpu News, Maya reveals his 3 success tips.

I. Find your Purpose

“Our Life Purpose is like a compass, guiding you over life’s path”, he said. It’s our innate desire to know our purpose, our meaning of life, whether we are aware of it or not. Having a Life purpose is an integral part of life. It keeps you centred, focused and clear on what matters to you and what you want from life. Knowing your purpose will turn you into a magnet for the things that support your personal, professional and spiritual growth.

II. Let go of Fear

“Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will,” he said. If fear is a consistent part of your daily life, it will prevent you from reaching your goals and achieving true potential. Fear builds anxiety, create self-limited beliefs and robs your self-confidence. So you need to let go of fear by facing fear. If you want to make a radical change, push yourself, be bold and stay fearless.

III. Take Inspired Action

Mr Maya said, “A goal without inspired action is just a wish”. Create a clear vision of who you want to be, layout the necessary goal plan and take inspired action. Start by taking small consistent actions. Inspired action creates real momentum. These small steps will eventually lead you toward big leaps and will help you to reach your goals and create a successful and meaningful life.

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