Rahul Gandhi reiterates call for repeal of farm laws at farmers’ Jantar Mantar rally

This was the first time a unified Opposition delegation had paid a visit to the protesting farmers, who had avoided soliciting political support in their movement.

NEW DELHI — In a show of unity, an Opposition delegation led by Rahul Gandhi joined the farmers’ demonstration at Jantar Mantar on Friday, reiterating the call for the repeal of the three controversial farm laws.

This was the first visit by a combined Opposition delegation to the protesting farmers, who had avoided seeking political backing throughout their eight-month encampment at Delhi’s borders.

Support for abolition of anti-farmer ‘black’ legislations

While speaking to the media persons after attending the protest demonstration, Mr Rahul Gandhi said that the Opposition leaders came to the protest venue to show their support for the abolition of three anti-farmer ‘black’ legislations.

He said the Opposition wants to talk about Pegasus, but the government doesn’t let it proceed in the Parliament. Modi, according to the Congress leader, has made his way into every Indian’s phone.

Rahul Gandhi’s expression of support through poetry

Later, Rahul tweeted a reworked version of a Hindi poem to describe his feelings.

He tweeted in Hindi about the alleged bonhomie of PM Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, saying the duo was concerned only about the well-being of ‘two’ — referring to businessmen Adani and Ambani. He said the they didn’t care about the farmers’ interests, for which the Opposition was taking a united front.

Rahul’s ‘Hum Do, Hamare Do’ taunt

Rahul has been attacking the Centre with the phrase “hum do, hamare do,” implying that the Narendra Modi-Amit Shah duopoly is only interested in Adani and Ambani’s interests.

Farmers who are protesting have also singled out Adani and Ambani, claiming that the new agricultural rules have been created to benefit the two multinational conglomerates. They have boycotted Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio cellular service, citing the development of large silos in Punjab and Haryana as proof of Adani’s agricultural incursion.

Rahul has accused the Modi administration of plotting to give Adani and Ambani control of the farm sector worth Rs 25 lakh crores.

Opposition seeks Parliament debate on Pegasus, Farmers & Inflation

It is in place to mention here that the Opposition has been calling for a debate in Parliament on the Pegasus snooping accusations, as well as a discussion on the farmers’ movement and problems like price hikes.

Some Opposition members sought to raise the farmers’ movement within Parliament, only to have their microphones turned off.

Farmers, on the other hand, have used creative methods to attract attention. They’re staging a mock Parliament at Jantar Mantar, with a no-confidence resolution against the Modi administration as part of the schedule on Friday, June 6.

While farmers have stated publicly that politics should not be allowed to hijack the movement, they believe the Opposition should have done more to pressure the administration through an independent action plan.



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