Sabyasachi trends in India after facing backlash for his new mangalsutra launch campaign

Social media users are more concerned to protect their women digitally than on roads or at homes. They are repeatedly calling for brands like Sabyasachi to stop hurting religious sentiments and belittle women’s modesty.

After Dabur, Fabindia and CEAT, the religious arrow now points towards ace designer Sabyasachi and aims to bring him on his knee and pull down the ad campaign for his new mangalsutra launch.

A few months earlier, Sabyasachi also drew flak over his exorbitantly priced new collection in collaboration with H&M.

The nudity in photos is a problem!

According to many, the ad is confusing. The viewers were unable to decide whether the ad sells lingerie or a ‘Hindu wedding symbol for a girl’. Out of all the photos released on the brands official Instagram handle, one of them showed a plus-size dusky model adorning the jewellery in lingerie as she rests her head on her man’s shoulders.

This photo has sparked the entire controversy. A self-proclaimed women protector has commented — “Please promote your jewellery, not a woman. You have to respect woman tmhara bus chaly to in k jo thory boht kpry hen wo bhi utar k shoot kro. Nonsense!” (Translation: If you had your free will, the remaining clothes would be removed for the shoot too.)

A photo showing bra straps and a deep plunging blouse does not belittle her modesty, but your comments definitely do! The shoot happened with her consent. If a woman posting pictures in her intimate wear is harmful to our religious sentiments, female sculptures of Ajanta and Ellora caves should be brought down immediately. They have no right to make India a popular tourist destination across the world.

The caption sent shockwaves to many but not rapes!

Few users have commented the caption reading ‘Intimate Jewellery’ as disturbing. On second thought, the caption can be justified in an attempt to show the role of a particular jewellery piece in the most intimate relationship between a man and a woman.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Sabyasachi (@sabyasachiofficial)

Some users have commented that no one will buy his jewellery after this advertisement. The issue is — the cost of these 18K gold mangalsutra is over one lakh rupees. So, many middle-class Indian can’t even afford it. Also, by calling for a ban on the Sabyasachi line of jewellery, do they mean that they would not go to their local jewellers to make a copy of it at a much low price? Well, it is the only effective commoners’ way to wear the Sabyasachi luxury collection.

Sometimes, these keyboard soldiers can talk about the ground survival realities for rape or acid attack victim to boost their confidence and help them to earn their respect.

Women and minority oppression are increasing rapidly. Please churn some beautiful message for the victims to motivate them to register complaints about their oppression. It will also help the law enforcers. The active users protecting religion online can also write about how Gods and Goddesses would react when an innocent girl is still killed right after birth.

Spreading content in the name of religion or a certain social stigma can only spur hate and division that would eventually end our religion someday!



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Digpu News Network is looking at reinventing the idea of news at large. ‘Free Voice With A Critical Edge’ is what describes Digpu News best.

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