Sedan or SUV — Which one to choose

Choosing among a Sedan or SUV might be bit of a task. The SUV is costlier than a Sedan because it is well suited for rough driving conditions.

In India SUVs rule the roost and Sedans are on the back foot today. However, it cannot be said that Sedans have lost their relevance. Often people face the dilemma of whether they should buy a Sedan or SUV (). The choice depends more upon your requirements and budget. However, Sedan has been dubbed the king of the roads. So let us first check out why these cars with ample boot space make them special.

Choose as per your needs

Sedan means ample space as compared to a compact SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) or hatchback. The price of a Sedan, compact SUV and hatchback are almost the same. A compact SUV has more headspace while Sedan gives you more leg space. If you prefer more cabin space you should choose a Sedan. The wheelbase of Sedan is longer and therefore it affords more legroom. The cabin is airier in a Sedan while in a compact SUV the extra seats make it look very cramped.

If you look at riding comfort, the Sedan is unmatched. Seats are cosy and large and make them suitable for long journeys. Whether you are travelling on the highway or in the city, if the roads are good, driving a Sedan is a wonderful experience.

Coming on to safety features, the lower centre of gravity of the Sedan makes it a safe vehicle. Manoeuvring Sedan at high speeds is easier and the vehicle is also very stable while driving on curves. The sedan has less height and therefore it is very stable on hilly roads where hairpin bends are aplenty.

Sedan Outweights an SUV below 25 Lakhs

To choose between a sedan or an SUV, if one compares an SUV below 25 lakh, the Sedan outweighs in benefits. Creta, Duster and Harrier afford more boot space but Ciaz, Verna and Octavia also offer a larger boot. If the boot space is less the costs also come down. Because of the lower height, it is easier to put luggage in the boot of a Sedan.

The mileage of a Sedan is also better as compared to an SUV. Even if the Sedan has a larger engine, it will give a better mileage as compared to an SUV. In an SUV a lot of utilities are cramped in a small space and this makes it heavier and the mileage is affected.

The SUV is costlier than a Sedan because it is well suited for rough driving conditions. Most SUV features four-wheel drive which makes it more expensive than a Sedan. At the end of the day, one must choose a vehicle that suits their needs. Both SUVs and Sedans have their pros and cons.

While buying a car may be a subject of research, discussions and budgeting for someone, choosing between a Sedan or SUV can be based on all these factors.



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