Tere Utte Dil Aa Gaya — Underrated 90’s Song Of Jazzy B

Tere Utte Dil Aa Gaya - Underrated 90's Song Of Jazzy B
Tere Utte Dil Aa Gaya - Underrated 90's Song Of Jazzy B

Jazzy B, one of the most loved Punjabi singers is also known as Bhangra King all over the world. He has been entertaining the world for nearly three decades now, but the memories of his 90’s songs are afresh.

Oh, the 90’s music — what a breath of fresh air! It had something for everybody. We have heard some amazing melodies backed by meaningful lyrics and heartwarming voices.

While the many legendary artists made their mark in the 90s, Punjabi Music industry flourished too. The 90’s songs gave the youth new hopes and new dreams. It was the time when music could fly free. Boy Bands, Indie Pop, Girl Groups, Ballads, Jazz and Hip-Hop were all given immense fan love.

One such gem is the Bhangra King Jazzy B who made his debut in 1993 with the album ‘Gugian Da Jorra’. Taking inspiration from absolute legend, Kuldeep Manak, Jazzy B wanted to become a singer since childhood.

Jazzy B has a long list of iconic songs in his name. From Dil Luteya to Naag and Rambo through to Mitraan De Boot and Jatt Kaim, we’ve heard Jazzy B’s unparallel magic. In addition to traditional Punjabi beats, Jazzy B’s hairstyles and his attire have added to his charisma.

There is an underrated iconic song that is among all his blockbusters. Maybe you have heard it, maybe not. But, you must!

It is ‘Tere Utte Dil Aa Gaya’ from Sukshinder Shinda’s album ‘Oh Kehri’. The peppy background music, a 90’s song video style hero-heroine-villain story and Jazzy B’s voice, what more could a Punjabi music fan ask for?. Also, the dhol beats towards the end make it an iconic song.

Such songs are the reason why my 90’s heart won’t listen to crap music or unbearable remakes at all. Well, let’s give credit where it is due. I wish we could take time back to where people enjoyed the music on a Cassette or CD for hours together.

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