Time to be serious about climate change; If not for us, for our kids at least

Consequences of climate change is a topic that needs urgent attention, more so in the context of a new study that has come out.

Climate change isn’t a myth. The real face of global warming and climate change is turning more catastrophic that temperatures have been soaring at a rate anyone could understand. The world is in fact turning stone deaf to the warnings that have been voiced by the few people who actually care.

Extreme weather is indeed a topic that needs urgent attention, more so in the context of a study that has come out of late. Going by the study, if global temperatures keep soaring at today’s pace, kids of the current day will be subjected to three times the number of climate disasters than what their grandparents had seen.

It has been found that a six-year-old kid might have to endure “twice as many wildfires, 1.7 times as many tropical cyclones, 3.4 times more river floods, 2.5 more crop failures and 2.3 times as many droughts as someone born in 1960,” said a Washington Post report, quoting from the study published in the Science journal.

Climate change was termed harmless once upon a time; not any more

The findings of the study are alarming, to say the least. Climate change used to be termed harmless once upon a time. But the phenomenon has grown into a monster — a monster that has been sculpted and breathed life into by mankind.

The growth of the Climate change problem has manifested in events such as an increasing number of flash floods, wildfires, droughts, cyclones and other disasters. This catastrophic transformation of the once-imaginary monster that was written off as harmless, is now staring at mankind in the worst possible manner. And our kids are the ones who would be thrown into the raging disaster a few years from now.

The realization that greenhouse gas emissions are the reason for soaring temperatures has made the people that inhabit the world think of offsetting dangerous consequences. But then, whatever is being done now on that front would not be enough.

Our kids would have to endure disasters, much more than we did

The study has pointed out that if today’s kids had lived 150 years ago, they would have endured ‘an average of five times more disasters’. Significantly enough, the children in sub-Saharan Africa were likely to endure 50 to 54 times as many heat waves as those experienced by someone born in pre-industrial times.

Climate change is not a myth anymore. Hope mankind realizes the seriousness at least now. If not for us, for our kids, that is.



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